Wake up

I told people I’m tired when I’m sad for far too long that now my mind believes it. Nowadays I wonder why I’m always tired and want to sleep. Deep down I know it’s not tiredness but sadness. Then the next day when I wake up I again wonder why I’m so tired.  Going on hermit mode helps too but coming back out of it is so difficult that you come out as a slightly different person, parts of those ‘hermit you’ still leeching onto you. Your friends and family feel you have changed and stopped caring about them which … Continue reading Wake up


Why is change perceived as such a bad thing? Why does it make you feel so discouraged and guilty when someone criticise you for changing even when you know that the change has only made you better, stronger and more ethical? Change is supposed to be good if it makes you feel more like you are on the right path and you, only you can know if you have changed for good or bad. No one else can decide it for you. They say that Amsterdam is a city of sin because it is a city of freedom and in … Continue reading Change


People are magic. Magic could be destructive, magic could be productive, magic can make you happy or take the life out of you. Some believe magic is just parlour tricks, mere entertainment. But then there’s this other category of people who comes up with entirely fascinating definitions for  magic.  People are the most complicated shit in the world of magic, all unique, bearing their own personal set of spells. Each of us have to discover what those spells are in order to unleash them. Maybe by the time you leave this world, you must have learnt all the spells, the most … Continue reading Magic

Excerpt from my book

Out of the blues, suddenly she asked me, “Why did you guys break up?”. Something dropped inside me as my heartbeat accelerated. The mere thought of him did this to me and in front of my mother, this wasn’t going to help me. I noticed her eyes on me while I kept my posture cool and answered, “Nothing, it’s just we drifted apart and couldn’t find time for each other”. I was telling the truth but I divided the blaim equally, still protecting him from my mother’s judgement. However my Mom wasn’t satisfied with my answer. She kept probing me … Continue reading Excerpt from my book


Those eyes, Deep brown and warm, Soft and passionate. She hasn’t looked into those eyes for years. Why does his eyes feels so strange to her now, like it yearns for someone else’s presence? He is no more her’s, she knew. Him being someone else’s, she never could accept. Her memory fails her. Trying hard to remember how his voice gave her chills, she wept in silence. What wouldn’t she give to hear his voice again, to have him look at her like he used to. She cried for the butterflies that died. Her feelings died along with the butterflies. … Continue reading Him