I don’t understand how we can unlove someone we love. Even if it’s a small portion of love, it still matters. Love is love. I believe loving is irreversible. I still love everyone I have loved since my childhood, no matter what they do to me or where they are placed in my life, they still matter and I’ll always be there full-heartedly if ever they need anything from me.  Maybe that’s what true love is. Its not about meeting daily or talking daily or thinking about them 24/7. But it’s about that self knowledge about where people are in … Continue reading Unlove

Being you

Sometimes you don’t understand what’s the point of living. Why are we even living? If we hadn’t born at all, we don’t have to live or die or suffer all those things in between. It would have been nothing. Just nothing. But we are born. We are given this body, this voice, this family and friends.. and we are born in this particular place which you find worser than most other places and you just wish you were born somewhere better, or born with a different body, different parents and different life style. Sometimes there comes situations where we wish … Continue reading Being you


  As venomous as you can be, I become what you cannot be. Maybe you think you hold power over me, but I am more than you’ll ever be. Come try to touch me one more time and you’ll see the mountains echo all your pretence. You think you can throw all your pretty secrets in the ocean, but the ocean is a boomerang; Whatever you give, it comes back; To me or to someone else, it roars back what is true. Your secrets are never safe until you find a new refuge. Maybe this time, you should try hiding … Continue reading Powerless